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Re-enrollment Special

Fill out our simple Student Update form before the anniversary of your enrollment and the $125 annual family registration fee is waived, plus the student may qualify for lower tuition rates! The student’s financial account must be current to take advantage of this special offer.

You can return to this section from our Admissions menu.

If an already enrolled family is adding a new student, a “1st Time Full-time Student Registration” must be completed for the new student, but returning students should use the Student Update form. The “1st Time Full-time Student Registration” is also found on our Admissions page.

For next academic year:

  • PreK students will use our Pre-Kindergarten Program.
  • Kindergarten will use our Learning to Read Kindergarten Program.
  • 1st or 2nd graders will use our 1st-2nd Grade Parent Teacher Booklet Program.
  • 3rd-8th graders have a choice of four programs: Online With Teacher On Call, Online With Assistance, Parent Teacher Booklet Program or Parent Teacher Online Program. See By Grade section for differences.
  • High School will use our Online With Teacher On Call Program.