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Part-time Students, Credit Recovery, and Summer School

Even if a student is enrolled elsewhere, individual courses may be taken from WCA during any time of the year. Use our Admissions page to register!

We have many students that take one or more of our accredited courses while enrolled at another school. There are various reasons students use WCA to supplement their main school. A needed course might not be not available from the student’s school at the time it is best for the student. Some students may need an extra course to graduate on time. Some students fail a course and need to make it up, but their school cannot offer the course for summer school. Gifted students may need an elective to broaden their education in a special interest area. Many schools do not offer the wide variety of accredited electives that WCA does. There are many reasons students use WCA!

Generally, it can take about a week after the student registers for a course before actual school work begins. Semester courses are $250 and Full Year courses are $375 and include teacher support. Course tuition is due at the time of registration and is non-refundable, so check beforehand with your school to make sure they will accept course credit when successfully completing an accredited course from WCA. WCA has full accreditation status with the North Central Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI). WCA also has full accreditation status with the National Association of Private Schools.

Students can register for more than one semester or full year course by changing the quantity while registering. However, if taking a semester course and a full year course, different course lengths must be registered separately. Please use our Contact page to call or email us with any questions. Use our Admissions page to register!

WCA offers a wide range of semester and full-year courses. Along with typical core course subjects that are required by most high schools, WCA offers many electives.


Core Courses:
All High School Maths
All High School Language Arts
All High School Sciences (may have an additional labkit cost for some courses)
All High School Social Sciences

Agriculture Courses:
Agriscience (Semester) A-G
Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (Semester)
Agribusiness Systems (Semester)
Environmental Service Systems (Semester)
Food Products and Processing Systems (Semester)
Plant Systems (Semester)
Power, Structural, and Technical Systems (Semester)

Language Courses:
French- Elementary (Semester)
French- Secondary
Spanish- Elementary (Semester)
Spanish- Secondary
Spanish I and II

Language Arts Courses:
Advanced Composition
American Literature (Semester)
British Literature (Semester)
Creative Writing (Semester) A-G
Essentials of Communication (Semester)
Public Speaking (Semester) A-G

Mathematic Courses:
Consumer Math
Essentials of Math (Semester)
Personal and Family Finance (Semester)
Trigonometry (Semester)

Middle School Career Courses:
Career Explorations I (Semester)
Career Explorations II (Semester)
Middle School Photography (Semester)

High School Career Courses:
Cosmetology (Semester)
Criminology (Semester) A-G
Criminal Justice (Semester)
Digital Photography I (Semester)
Digital Photography II (Semester)
Entrepreneurship (Semester) A-G
Fashion and Interior Design (Semester)
Hospitality and Tourism (Semester)
International Business (Semester) A-G
Law and Order (Semester) A-G
Sports and Entertainment Marketing (Semester) A-G

Science Courses:
Careers in Allied Health (Semester)
Earth Science
Health (Semester)
Health Quest (Semester)
General Science III
Integrated Physics and Chemistry
Veterinary Science (Semester) A-G

Social Science Courses:
20th Century History (Semester)
Civics (Semester)
Civil War (Semester)
History of the Holocaust (Semester)
State Histories (Semester)
Story of the Constitution
Vietnam Era History (Semester)
World Geography
World Religions (Semester) A-G

STEM Courses: (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
Introduction to STEM (Semester)
Science and Mathematics in the Real World (Semester)
Engineering and Design (Semester)
Engineering and Product Development (Semester)
Introduction to Social Media (Semester)
STEM and Problem Solving (Semester)

Other Courses:
ACT Test Prep (Semester)
College Planner (Semester)
Home Economics
Music Appreciation (Semester)