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Pre-Kindergarten Program

WCA Document Library Western Christian Elementary uses the Horizons pre-kindergarten program.  Our pre-kindergarten program will put your child on the path to success.  Development of readiness skills in reading and math ensure that your child is ready to move forward with confidence and success.  Biblically-based lessons and hands-on learning activities give pre-kindergarten students an introduction to social studies, language arts, math, phonics, and science. Additional topics such as health & safety, arts & crafts, music, and physical education add variety and depth to this foundational curriculum. This program can be easily adapted to a variety of daily schedules and program objectives with a flexible organizational structure. The 180 lessons come packaged in two student books, two teacher’s guides, a sing along music CD, and a resource packet. Basic flashcards and other manipulatives are included in the resource packet. An optional package of recommended multimedia is available separately.

Pre-Kindergarten Program Includes:
  • Curriculum for Social Studies, Lang. Arts, Math, Phonics and Science
  • Two Student Work Texts
  • Two Teacher’s Guides
  • Sing Along CD
  • Multimedia Set
  • Shipping and Tax Included.

WCE Pre-Kindergarten Tuition (includes curriculum):

Family Registration Fee: $125. Full Year Tuition: $500  (2nd Child’s Books and Tuition: $99)

The Family Registration Fee covers all other students in any of our programs. A 2nd Pre-Kindergartner costs only $99 more.

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Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum Student Workbook 1

Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum Student Workbook 2

Pre-Kindergarten Resource Packet

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher’s Guide 1

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher’s Guide 2

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