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Learning to Read Kindergarten Program

Our curriculum options for kindergarten put your child on the path to success.  Development of readiness skills in reading and math ensure that your child is ready to move forward with confidence and success.

Kindergarten Program Includes: Along with the materials below, a multimedia kit is also included.

  • Horizons Math Books 1 & 2 with Teacher’s Guide.
  • Horizons Phonics and Reading Books 1-4.
  • Student Readers 1-4.
  • Teacher’s Guides 1-4.
  • Math Worksheets Optional ($4.95)

Western Christian Elementary Kindergarten Tuition (includes curriculum):

Family Registration Fee: $125. Full Year Tuition: $500  (2nd Child’s Books and Tuition: $99)

The Family Registration Fee covers all other students in any of our programs. After paying the family registration fee, you will receive an email with options to pay the tuition. A 2nd kindergartner costs only $99 more.

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Horizons Math K – From counting and place value to comparisons and fractions, Horizons Math Kindergarten provides both a fun and functional way for students to learn basic math skills that become the building blocks for learning.  Math concepts are presented within 160 colorful student lessons, each lesson providing a review and presenting new material. A Teacher Handbook comes with student worksheets, answer keys, teaching tips, and additional activities to provide resources for parents to help the learning process.  Set includesStudent Books 1 & 2, with Teacher Handbook

Horizons Phonics and Reading K – This curriculum is a phonetically based word recognition and early reading program.  Students learn to identify the names and sounds of each letter through a picture association with an alphabet story.  This creative and colorful approach makes learning fun. Set includes:  Student Books 1-4, Readers 1-4, with Teacher Handbook

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