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Western Christian Academy Student Registration: It normally takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Please make sure you have reviewed these two pages!

  • By Grade page with program and tuition information for your situation!
  • Terms and Conditions information for procedural and parental requirements.

Fill out our simple registration form below today to save a seat for 2017-2018 in our accredited online academy. The family registration fee of $125 is due with your registration form. The family registration fee covers any other students in any of our programs, if they are enrolled at the same time. The Family Registration Fee covers academic placement, academic records transfer and repair, and ongoing office tasks for all students in a family. If you have more than one student in your family, you have the option to add them after completing this screen. The first tuition payment based on your payment option is normally due one week before the student start date. All questions below that are marked “required” are needed to proceed.

You may receive an email covering any remaining questions that we may need to finalize your program options which are listed on the By Grade section that applies to your student’s program features.


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Select how you will be paying the $125 Family Registration Fee. If you will call in your payment information to pay the registration fee, please enter the day and time you will call in your payment information.

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Our telephone payment hours are 8am-4pm PST, 9am-5pm MST, 10am-6pm CST, 11am-7pm PST.

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The next screen will ask you if you want to register another student OR proceed to the Family Registration Fee.